NO. OF STOREY 29 Storeys
INDOOR AREA Approximately 45,000 sq.m.
OFFICE FLOOR 8th – 29th floors
FLOOR PLATE Over 2,100 sq.m. / floor
FAÇADE One-piece glass window with triple layers of insulated laminated low-E glass to improve thermal and noise control

2.95 m. floor to ceiling

4.30 m. floor to floor

12-14 m. floor depth, allowing good natural lighting to workspace

Column-free space, maximizing office design efficiency

Knock-out panel for internal staircase support

AIR-CONDITIONING Central chilled water system with 24-hour cooling water for server room
NO. OF PARKING 650 parking spaces
INTERNATIONAL STANDARD Targeting LEED Gold certification


Bay depth
14 M.

Ceiling Height
Approx. 3 M.

High Floor
Load 300 kg.
per sqm.

Take in
fresh air

Full Height
Window With 3 layers
Approx. 4.3 M.

Column-free and Design for Good View

The Column-free space with 14 meters span can accommodate various types of office that effect to the natural light coming into the office and energy saving.

Ceiling Height

With the Height of almost 3 meters, the high ceiling creates a lighter and more airy space in the office.

High Floor Load

The general office zone have a loading efficiency of 300 kg. per square meter while the inside core is designed to take an extraordinary loading.

Take in fresh air on each floor

Merve 13 filter has been installed with the PAU on each floor. This can help the air intake routes remove most of PM 2.5 effectively.

Full Height Window with Insulated Laminated Low-E Glasss with Triple Layer

The greatest benefits of installing Low-E glass windows is for UV Protection and noise protection. The Low-E glass is able to prevent the vast majority of UV radiation from outside entering into the building,


Central chilled water air-conditioner and cutting-edge water pump technology – Save energy consumption with faster balancing of indoor climate

Fresh air filter equivalent to MERV13 – Filter out PM2.5 and smaller particles to PM10

CO2 sensors in common area – Monitoring indoor air quality for corrective actions

3-Layer insulated laminated low-E glass window – Prevent heat & noise and minimize CO2 emission

Green sanctuary – Green landscape designed at front and back of the building

Building Management System (BMS) – Preliminary M&E planning for greater efficiency of energy and safety monitoring


Gensler (Thailand) Limited

Conceptual Consultant

Tandem Architect (2001)

Project Architect

Fusion Consultants Co.,LTD

M&E Consultant

Sino - Thai Engineering &
Construction PCL

Main Contractor

Pylon PCL

Piling Contractor

Projects Asia Limited

Project Management


Rasa Group was established in the early 1980s by the Rasanon Family and grown over three decades. The group has been engaged in real estate development including residences, commercial offices, luxury resorts, and hospitality management with great success. Our core and affiliated companies presently include Rasa Tower Co.,Ltd., Rasa Ventures Co.,Ltd., Day Star Co.,Ltd., Rasa HMC Partner Co.,Ltd. and Rasa Land Co.,Ltd.